Let me just start by saying that Whogoost is the worst hosting company I have ever used (not that I have used many).


I started using Whogohost 3 years ago and I had to endure different issues until now that I have to look elsewhere.


  1. Very low uptime.
  2. Poor customer service.
  3. I’m still unable to access my file manager in one of the accounts.
  4. Extremely slow servers.
Let me tell you more:


I have 3 sites hosted with Whogohost and 2 of them have uptime issues. A few weeks ago I received a mail from the company notifying me of the problem they are having with their “canary” server. They said they were working on it. Well, I understand that happens with any hosting companies sometimes but how often? With Whogohost it happens just too often that it almost left my eyes filled with tears at one time. Because I worked so hard to put up a site but my hosting company would not let it stay online. SAD!


On different occasions, I called their customer line. The experience has always been awful at least most times. One time I called, I really struggled to communicate what my issue was because the noise at their end was really loud. At some time I called, I will have to wait for long before a representative picks up and sometimes after laying a complaint and calling back within few minutes I will have to start explaining my issue to a new representative all over again. FRUSTRATING!


For months now I have been unable to access my file manager I keep seeing an error, as a result, I can’t make the necessary changes that I ought to have made. I’ve opened a ticket, I have called and I have been told that there are no issues as there have been able to access it from their end. I was advised to use a different browser which I did, I am still left with a sad face. UNBELIEVABLE!


As if the poor uptime is not enough concern the servers are extremely slow. In 2 of my sites, I think it takes about 9 seconds to load fully. It’s not about my site it’s their servers as so many people using this hosting company has the same issue. Particularly, the canary server is extremely slow and I don’t know how I can get this to this people so they try to improve their services to help other customers, not me, yes not me because I am going somewhere else. FAILURE!
I used to be afraid of the process of moving my websites to another company now I am not having been told how easy it is to do it.
Now, if a hosting company has all these issues and for the past 3 years, nothing has really changed. I have opened tickets, called the customer service tried all I could to see how I could continue with this hosting company but they have brought me frustration.
I cannot help but ask myself sometimes how a service can be this bad?


This Whogohost review is base on my experience, but I am not the only victim here. I have seen a lot of blog owners who make use of this hosting company and they always had one thing or the other that they don’t like about Whogohost.

Since I have not made use of any other web hosting company in Nigeria I cannot recommend anyone.

NEW UPDATE: As at the time of writing this review, I had not tried any other hosting company in Nigeria. After some time, I decided to try a hosting company due to a client’s low budget then I found out DomainKing. I’m a webmaster and I have tried and tested their services using different tools and I can say they are very good. Their plans are also very cheap anybody can afford it. Register with DomainKing.

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