Shall we start with a quote…

Risk is not knowing what you are doing.

By Warren Buffet

This e-book is on how to monetize blogs in Nigeria and also countries that have the same challenges. These are tier 3 countries which include Algeria, Zimbabwe, Venezuela etc

Also, if you are blogging without earning then it is must you get this e-book that is if you want to turn things around.

One thing that’s really common in the blogging world is uncertainty and as we all know uncertainty has a way of bringing frustration.

You could be very close to the result you need but become frustrated by a little setback. You could also be very far from the result you desire, at this point you need help, you need direction.

If you are new to blogging or you have been blogging without earning
then this e-book is for you.

What this e-book aims to do is take away the uncertainty and replace it with exactness, figures and randomness.


Let’s see some of the questions this e-book will answer:

  • What is needed to succeed through affiliate marketing?

Hint 1: Affiliate marketing can be extremely difficult for beginners. A lot of factors make it difficult some of those are difficulty in ranking keywords with buying intent, high cost of advertising etc.

I have a way of going around this, what should be done and what will pay quickly while you keep working on your SEO for better ranking.

  • How do I still huge get traffic with little SEO knowledge?

Hint: As a beginner, there is a chance you may give too much value to SEO and forget the whole essence of the search engine.

I’m going to set things straight so you know how far is too far when it comes to SEO.

  • Should I rely on pages or groups to generate traffic to my blog?

Hint: In the past people will but pages or groups to help generate traffic to their blog so they earn with Google Adsense.

  • If you are looking at generating traffic from social media, what should I do?

Hint: You need to know what different social media network frowns on and what is accepted

I’m going to share with you what I have come to realize over the years.

  • Which ad networks should I rely on to make money from social media traffic?

Hint: Not all ad network accept traffic from social media. In fact, you could be getting a huge amount of traffic but not earning from that traffic.

I will explain what type of traffic works and how you should get it. Also, what amount of traffic is enough to start earning.

About Me

My name is Emem A. Inwang. I’m a blogger and a freelencer.

I run this blog and 3 other blogs. I started my first blog more than 7 years and through the years I have gathered a lot of experience which I want to share with you.

I write for and have also involved with SEO for both blogs and e-commerce websites.

I have the experience and I want to share my knowledge.

If you have an enquiry you can call me on +2348104094348 or send me a mail on Don’t WhatsApp me.

How To Get The E-book

This e-book only cost 3k. From the first letter to the last in this e-book is telling you what to do exactly and knowing how long it will take before you start making money from your blog.

All I am sharing is what I am using and how it is working for me. By now you should know reading anything online and keeping on trying different things is not the solution but getting a guide that tells what to do, how to do it and what will be the result is very important.

You can give me a call (08104094348) before paying or after payment just send me a message containing your email address in this format:

Payment for BS EBOOK

Note: The name in the message should correspond to the name of the account you used in making payment.

For Payment through Bank Transfer
Accout Details:
UBA Bank
Emem Inwang
Payment Throgh PayPal
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You can also send me a mail through

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