In a country like Nigeria, bloggers face unique problems especially new ones. When you take some factors into consideration, it is really tricky starting a blog and earning a sizeable income as things thought that will work might not work out when finally tried.

NOTE: This article is for those that are just going into blogging newly or those who have been blogging without earning for some time now. Old bloggers in the country face a different challenge.

For example, getting Adsense 4 years ago was relatively easy than getting it now.

If you are also about to start blogging in Nigeria then you might want to pay close attention.

A lot of bloggers in Nigeria just go into blogging with very small knowledge about it. Many with the thought of having Google Adsense as their only plan for monetization and start making money as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, a lot has changed over time. Adsense approval does not come easily and the cost of marketing using social media is increasing gradually. This makes it difficult for new bloggers to find to make money in the first few months.

Well, not that I will expect a few months old blog to make earnings but the truth is most new bloggers don’t know what they are actually doing in the first few months. The first few months for a new blog is very important if you want to start earning and until you start doing the right things earnings won’t come.

Let’s consider 5 things a beginner should know when considering monetization:
1) Ad network
2) Affiliate
3) Sponsored Post
4) Selling Personal Products

Towards the end of the article, we will also talk about getting traffic to your blog which will determine if you actually make money from your content.

Let’s get down to monetizing your site:
1) AD NETWORK: I have to start by saying it does not get easier. Google Adsense is the king of al ad networks has tightened up their approval process over the years. Even when you get approval, you never can tell when you will be banned and we all know, when banned that’s the end of the road.

OK, now there is still the ad network and you can still earn from them. But there is a problem, even the closest ad network in terms of revenue paid doesn’t pay half the amount Google Adsense pays with the same traffic size.

So, after Adsense, it is not possible to earn that much again.

SOLUTION: As a Nigerian blogger, if you are planning to use an ad network as a means of monetization for your blog then you need to define your target.

Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Impression (CPI) are the two well-known models used by ad networks.

CPC is the rate paid per click on an ad displayed on your blog.

CPI is the rate paid per one thousand impressions to your blog.

An impression is the number of visitors recorded by your ad network.

Note: Not all visit are recorded as an impression but all impression are visits to your blog.

2) Affiliate Program: Affiliate program can be a very good alternative to ad networks. But requires that you show your content to a target audience. It also means that you are able to write about a product(s) extensively and also able to convince visitors to our advertising.

It is good you know that niche blogs convert more than general blog when considering affiliate marketing.

We have some very good affiliate programmes in Nigeria like the Jumia affiliate.

On the internet, there is barely an item that you won’t find articles promoting it.

There is a whole lot of competition from older, well-known sites. They have authority already and they rank on so many fronts.

3) Sponsored post: Getting sponsored post from companies or businesses can also be a good revenue source but it might come sparingly.

Most businesses are like to got niche blogs where their product or services fall. Also, sites with authority are considered mostly.

As a new site, you may not have many opportunities for landing a sponsored post.

SOLUTION: To get a sponsored post, there are things you must have in place. It will be better if you are running a niche blog as content will be more defined and targeted.

Articles on your blog must have good quality as sponsors will look at this too.

You also have to wait to get some traffic to your blog as this will determine that the sponsored post is seen.

Now, let’s talk about getting traffic to your blog. I’ve been around for a long time and since you are new, you are likely not going to have an email list of your blog visitors.

We’re set about getting organic traffic from search engine and social media.

1) Getting traffic from search engines: To get a good amount of traffic from search engines you need SEO. We have the on-page and off-page SEO.

2) Getting traffic from social media: If you have a good number of followers on social media, then you can also generate traffic. Cost of running advertising campaigns on social media has really increased from what it used to be.

For a new blogger or a blogger who has not had some earnings before, running ad campaigns might not be the best option here.

On the other hand, building a good amount of followers on social media is going to take time.



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