DomainKing Review: Best Hosting Company in Nigeria or not?

This is an honest review on DomainKing domain registrar and hosting company.

When it comes to choosing a hosting company in Nigeria, one has to be careful as there have been some very bad experiences on the part of users.

In other cases, the story can be different. There are some very good hosting companies in Nigeria yet with very cheap costs of services.

One of them is DomainKing hosting company.

Since I’m a webmaster, I’ve come across different clients. Some could not afford to buy a domain name and hosting space from a foreign hosting company. So, finding a good local hosting company was necessary. That’s why I opted for DomainKing and the experience has been wonderful.

Across the internet, you will find very good reviews on DomainKing also attesting to their good service. From my experience, DomainKing is the best hosting company in Nigeria.


DomainKing is Nigerian domain name registrar and hosting company with servers in India.

They only offer shared hosting and are currently offering their services to more than 7,000 website owners both in Nigeria and neighbouring countries.

Started way back in 2014, they have come a long way of acquiring experience and also adjusting to the market requirement.

DomainKing does not only offer reliable hosting solutions but with the cheapest prices around.

DomainKing for me is the best in the country no wonder their customer base is growing quickly.


When considering a hosting company some factors need to be taken into consideration. Some of the factors are:

  1. Website speed
  2. Good assistance
  3. Cheap pricing
  4. Good customer service

1) Cheapest Prices for domain names and hosting: DomainKing offers the most affordable prices in the country for both domain name registration and buying hosting space.

You can get the domain extension for as low as #999. The .com domain extension goes for #3,800 while the .ng extension goes for #7,999 all for 1 year.

All the available domain here come with free Whois Protection, Free DNS Management and Free Privacy Protection.

Just like the prices of the domain names, the prices for hosting plans available are also cheap. There is a plan even for the lowest budget.

There are 3 hosting plans available in DomainKing: Soldier Plan, Minister Plan and King Plan.

  • Soldier Plan: This is the smallest hosting plan offered by DomainKing and it goes for 300/month and that’s #3,600 in a year.
More details on the DomainKing Soldier Plan:
-2GB SSD Space
-Unmetered Bandwidth
-Host 2 websites
-Free SSL
-cPanel Control Panel
From the above details, this plan is most suited for starters. But in any case, it gives everything needed to start a full website. If you’re looking at starting a blog with WordPress, it is totally fine.
  • Minister Plan: This is their medium hosting plan which is quite similar to Soldier plan but just offers more space to accommodate more visitors to your website.
More details on the DomainKing Minister Plan:
-10GB SSD Space
-Host 6 websites
-Up to 2X Faster websites
-I free domain name.
Free SSL
-CPanel Control Panel
  • King Plan: This hosting plan is for big sites with loads of traffic. It goes for #1,600/month, that’s #19,000 a year.
More details on the DomainKing King Plan:
-Unlimited SSD Space
-Unmetered Bandwidth
-Up to 4X faster websites
-1 free or .com domain name
-Free SSL
-CPanel Control Panel
2) Website Speed: Websites hosted in DomainKing servers are quite faster when accessing compared to other websites hosted in other hosting companies in the country.
They use 3 measures to make this happen. These are:
  • They use SSD  accelerated servers which are only possible with premium servers.
  • They use inbuilt Page Caching which are responsible for the smaller load time of websites.
  • They use Litespeed web serves which make it possible to access files stored in the server more quickly.
3) High Uptime: DomainKing assures 99.99% uptime. What this means is that your website will be live 99.99% time. This is like saying, your website will always the whole time.
4) Good Support: I’ve used Domainking for a lot of client’s work and even on my personal website and I can say their customer service is really good.
You could even a reply to your question within minutes all you have to do is open a ticket or call their customer care line.
And just you know, considering how effective customer service is is very important because it will decide your fate on rainy days.
5) Free Migration: If your site is already hosted on another hosting company and you want to move to DomainKing, you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.
All you have to do is visit DomanKing and sign up then you can go ahead to open a ticket. You will request that you wish to move your site from a different those to DomainKing, you should get a reply within minutes on what to do. This service is totally free.
Some common questions:
  • How do I buy a domain name from DomainKing? Ans: Just visit DomainKing and type in the domain name you wish to register then click on Search. This will let you know whether the domain name is available or not.
  • How to link domain name from DomainKing to blogger? Ans: It will require some steps, you can find the steps by clicking HERE, then go to Knowledgebase and sear for “linking domain name to blogger”. Then click on Domain, the next page brings out the guide. Click on it to open.

Reliable Web Hosting in Nigeria by DomainKing.NG


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