Blogging Basics and How to Start a Blog in Nigeria

Learning blogging basics will guide you on how to start a blog in Nigeria. This article should help you make some first few decisions on your blogging journey.

The main goal is to make money but you could also do this while writing about your interest.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a website but in this case a dynamic website. It is dynamic in the sense that, contents are regularly updated.

Being a blogger will mean that you set aside tangible time to take care of your blog, it could by updating it, optimizing it or advertising it.

Under blogging there are niches. A niche is a particular topic on which a blogger bases his/her topics on, you call it sub-topics. Also, know that a blog can be based on several topics which are called a general blog.

Some Blog Niches in Today’s Blogging World:

News and entertainment, Health, Technology, Gambling, Adult, Automobile, Sport, Finance, Pet, Lifestyle.

News and Entertainment: Blogs like this focus on updating readers of the latest happenings in the society and the entertainment scene.

  • News and Entertainment: Blogs like this focus on updating readers of the latest happenings in the society and the entertainment scene.
  • Health: Blogs under this niche educate their readers on health issues, development and possible solutions.
  • Technology: Tech blogs share tech news, updates, how-tos and reviews with readers.
  • Gambling: This is for the gamblers related to sports gambling. Gambling blogs mostly bring betting related advise to readers to help guide their decision. It is a very profitable niche if done properly. Click here for a guide.
  • Automobile: This will hang around cars, different kinds, the latest brands and what to expect.
  • Sport: Blogs here reports the latest sports news, it could be local or international.
  • Adult: This apparently deals with the adult category, that’s anyone the age of 18.
  • Pet: Blogs under this niche takes care of pets’ well being.

Note: There are other niches including micro-niches.

A micro-niche is a narrowed niche carved out from a major niche. An example is a football news blog carved out from Sports news.

With that said, it is time to choose a platform.

How to Start a Blog in Nigeria

Every blog you see online has its own platform on which it is built. There are so many platforms a blog could be built on with the most popular being WordPress and Blogger.

Other platforms are Wix, Squarespace e.t.c

Now which one should you go for will be the case.

For a beginner that has no planned budget, Blogger is fine but if you have a budget of about $50 go for WordPress.

Click here to see a detailed comparison between the 2 platforms and how to get them.

How do Blogs Make Money?

Understanding how blogs make money is a simple concept but getting it to work for you is another thing.

You can also read our single post that focusses on how to make money from your blog.

Blogs simply make money from visitors, that simply means if you don’t have visitors visiting your blog then there is no way you’re going to make money. Absolutely no way.

These visitors are called traffic.

Before or after your blog starts getting traffic, you must prepare your blog so your traffic can convert to money.

Some of the ways of doing this are:

  • Using an Ad Network: Ad networks help bloggers make money from their blogs by placing adverts or by using their blogs as an advertisement medium. These advertisements are sponsored by advertisers to help take a product or information to the public. Check out the Best Ad Network in Nigeria.
  • Through affiliate Programs: Affiliate programs reward you for helping them sell a product or sometimes service. Your job is to take the product to your blog readers and when they buy you get a commission.
  • Sell a Personal Product/Service: You could choose to create and sell a product or sell a service. This is one of the best sources of blog income when once you’ve built an audience.
  • Sponsored Post: This is when a company or business pays you to publish an article that promotes their products or services.

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